How Believers Should Celebrate The Resurrection

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 On Easter Sun-Day the Coptic, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Protestant (Non-Catholic) Churches and the people of the world alike will celebrate the Pagan holiday Easter. The protestants have dubbed the day "Resurrection Sunday" because it is erroneously believed that Jesus (Yeshua) resurrected on Easter Sunday.

Although denominational scholars agree that the word Easter mentioned in Acts 12:4 was mistranslated and should actually be translated as Passover (Pesach), it is still regarded as the day of the Resurrection because of the change made by the Catholic Church late in the 2nd Century. Are Easter and Passover the same?

Over the last 20 centuries controversy has surrounded this dubious holiday and how it should be celebrated or if it should be celebrated at all.

Because most Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Nazarenes, etc. come out of these temples, churches and denominations; and because of our unquenchable desire to know the truth, It is important to understand what our approach or response to this holiday should be.

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