About House of Israel London

Friday 7pm - 11pm House of Israel London
Saturday 1pm - 9pm House of Israel London
- 1pm - 3pm Ministry 
- 3pm - 5pm Fellowship and Food
- 5pm - 8pm Ministry 
- 8pm - 9pm Fellowship

House Of Israel London invites you to join us in worship and fellowship at our NEW ADDRESS. If you live in or near London, please join this exciting new ministry this Sabbath at 1 PM UTC. The NEW ADDRESS is:

Lascar Wharf Community Centre
19 Parnham Street
London, E14 7PZ

It is a 7-minute walk (according to Google) from the last venue.

It is critical that YeHoVaH’s people gather together in one accord; setting the Sabbath aside to meet with our heavenly Father. I therefore invite you to assemble with House Of Israel London in His presence each Sabbath at 1 pm.
The congregation leader’s name is Marcus Da Costa. For more information about House of Israel London, you can contact Marcus using the email address or visit the website at

The brothers and sisters of House Of Israel London! We look forward to seeing you this Sabbath! Shalom, Shalom!

For more Information Please email Marcus at

Visit the Website: