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I Arthur Bailey, Apostle and Overseer of and House Of Israel International, A Messianic, Hebrew, Hebraic Roots and Messianic Discipleship Training and Leadership Development Center promise to:


        • Preach and teach the True Gospel of the Kingdom (The Gospel Yeshua taught) to the nations of the world. 
        • Call all people back to YeHoVaH’s commandments; and in so doing, remove the generational curses of poverty, lack, confusion sickness and disease from all people; and activate in them the covenant promises of freedom, prosperity, wholeness and abundance as prescribed by Deuteronomy 28 where the 28 blessings of honoring the commandments of YeHoVaH are written.

        History has taught us that when YeHoVaH’s people obeyed His Law, they prospered. When YeHoVaH’s people disobeyed His Law, they went into captivity and bondage; ultimately suffering persecution, poverty and perverted worship practices. According to the Bible, there are two ways to become a slave:

            - Disobedience to YeHoVaH’s Laws – Deuteronomy 28:15-68
            - Going into debt (borrowing) – Proverbs 22:7


            • Encourage and inspire all people to reach their full God-given potential. This will be done by:
            - Correct biblical teaching
            Discipleship/Mentorship/Coaching and
            - Demonstrations of the power of the Holy Spirit

              About Arthur Bailey

              Internationally known Dr. Arthur Bailey, apostle and modern-day prophet is an anointed teacher, preacher, author and executive producer of House Of Israel, a local television program. Arthur Bailey’s ministries spans the continents of Africa, Asia and North America; equipping YeHoVaH’s people for the work of ministry and to answer the call of leadership, discipleship and service. With a focus on spirit-filled living, community development and reconciliation, he is uniquely gifted to raise the levels of expectation and standards of his audience. This helps them to strive to know God, to listen to His voice and to respond to the challenge of being the sons and daughters of YeHoVaH Elohim.


                Arthur Bailey operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit including prophecy, healing, miracles and words of wisdom and knowledge; with an apostolic gift to activate others to flow in their respective gifting and anointing. Dr. Bailey has spoken as a lecturer in colleges, universities, churches and conferences.

                  As a former pastor in the Pentecostal, Charismatic, Missouri Synod Lutheran, Christian Reformed Church of North America and Independent Church, Apostle Arthur Bailey is a bridge builder. He has presented as lecturer and keynote speaker in colleges, universities and churches. Dr Bailey is Inter-denominational in his approach and has preached in Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Reformed, Christian Reformed, Catholic, Lutheran and Messianic congregations nationally; and Charismatic and non-denominational ministries internationally. Arthur Bailey has established congregations and community organizations; has served on many local and national boards, and has received many awards and recognition for his work as a community organizer.
                    Dr. Arthur Bailey is the author of “Sunday is not the Sabbath?” an in-depth teaching on the seventh-day Sabbath and its relevance to today’s living, which is also available in the Russian language. Dr. Bailey’s most recent work Discipleship101.TV is a 2-year seminary-level training course. He has also authored several Books, produced many DVD teaching series and has taught and brought clarity to many controversial and hard-to-understand biblical passages.
                      Apostle Arthur Bailey currently resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina with his wife Marvina and four of their eight children. He oversees the House of Israel in Charlotte, NC, a Messianic, Hebrew, Hebraic Roots, and Messianic Discipleship training and Leadership Development center and Spirit-filled New Covenant community; as well as House of Israel London and Abundant Life International Ministries in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. Arthur Bailey has ministered extensively in several countries and has accepted invitations to provide leadership training to future pastors and congregation leaders.
                        Arthur Bailey is sought after by pastors in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. To book Arthur Bailey for your event, please contact him at 888-899-1479.