And You Shall Love The Lord

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The Creator of the Universe demonstrated His love for us by sacrificing His only begotten Son for the sins of man.
The Love of God is a gift you cannot earn. You do not deserve it and you cannot buy it. So how do we demonstrate our
love for God? Often when sharing the Gospel of Yeshua (the Gospel Yeshua taught, NOT the Gospel ABOUT Jesus), the
subject of the “Law” comes up. Yeshua clearly stated that he did not come to do away with or to abolish the Law (Matthew 5:17).
Yet people today still argue that we must only “love” YeHoVaH with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.
Are we doing that?

This Interesting Teaching Addresses:

- What does loving God look like?
What The Bible instructs us?
- How YeHoVaH wants us to show our love for Him?
- How to demonstrate our love for God?

Learn the truth and find answers to many questions you won’t learn from religion.
About 2.5 hours of fascinating teachings on 2 DVDs.

And You Shall Love The Lord (DVD)

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