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Is Easter the Passover?


As a child growing up in Mississippi as far back as I could remember, there were two times a year I knew I would be getting something new. The first was Christmas and the second was Easter. On Easter Sunday morning, people would come to church in their new clothes and it would be like an unrehearsed fashion show. We all wanted to look good on that great getting-up morning on Resurrection Sunday. The highlight of this annual ritual culminated with the Easter egg hunt. Those were the days...      Continue Reading


        Did Yeshua Resurrect On Sunday?

        Wasn’t the Sabbath changed from Saturday to Sunday because Yeshua arose from the grave on the first day of the week?

        First we must consider what possible bearing the day of 
Yeshua’s resurrection could have on what day the Sabbath is to 
be celebrated. Outside of church tradition there is no reason 
for changing the Sabbath day – certainly none to be found in the 
Bible. (See the next chapter for more information on this.)

        Second we have to ask the question, “Is it even true that 
Yeshua was resurrected on Sunday?”      Continue Reading