Biblical New Year Celebration



Shalom Saints,

Here at House of Israel, we are preparing for our first congregational celebration of The Biblical New Year.  You are invited to celebrate with us in-person or join us via the LIVE Broadcast.


As the Shemitah Year concludes, this New Year is the beginning of the new 7 year cycle.


As you know, we will not know when the Biblical New Year occurs until the Renewed Moon is sited in Israel and the barley crop is determined to be Abib.  This year we have a 13th month because the barley was not Abib at the end of the 12th month. 

So here is the anticipated date for you to hold:
Saturday evening, April 9th
Location: 1334 Hill Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210



  • The doors will open at 5:00 PM.
  • Please bring “Biblically Correct” finger foods, desserts or beverages.
  • Bring your shofar if you have one.
  • The Teaching will begin at 7 PM.
  • Location: 1334 Hill Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210


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