Contending For The Faith

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In his letter of exhortation to the saints, Jude wrote that we should “earnestly contend for the faith which was

once delivered unto the saints.” Now more than ever, Jude’s words ring true being that this faith “once delivered

unto the saints” is under serious attack in our day and time.


Today that faith “once delivered unto the saints” has been hijacked by a Gentile audience and delivered with

a Westernized spin.


Today that faith “once delivered unto the saints” is disdainfully referred to as "greasy grace." It is presented in a

manner that has perverted the grace that brings salvation.

This Thought-Provoking Message Addresses:

- What is The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints?

- Who were the Saints that the Faith was delivered to?


Jude makes this clear based on the information he shared in his letter which would have been common

knowledge to those taught from the Hebrew Scriptures in his day.


Join Arthur Bailey as he presents Live at House Of Israel, this thought-provoking Spirit-

inspired message “Contending for The Faith”

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