House Of Israel (HOI) Global Headquarters is located in Charlotte, NC. HOI is a Messianic, Hebrew, Hebraic Roots and Messianic Discipleship Training and Leadership Development Center. As a Torah-Teaching, Spirit-Filled, New Covenant ministry, we actively teach the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith. The uniqueness of House of Israel is its blend of living under Grace, Understanding the Laws of YeHoVaH (GOD) and its balanced approach to operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We look forward to worshiping and serving together with you in our Father’s Kingdom. This ministry is designed with you in mind. You and your family are welcome here! Each week we gather for:
  • The Apostles Doctrine
  • Discipleship
  • Breaking of Bread
  • For Fellowship
  • And Prayer
All services are held at: 1334 Hill Rd., Charlotte, NC 28210. Prayer/Teaching/Worship Schedule:

24 Hours DAILY via this link HERE

Saturday at 11 am we gather for the weekly Sabbath service. Fellowship meal immediately follows.

TV Stations we are on: Watch Arthur Bailey’s teachings on various TV stations around the country and around the world.

Thursday at 7PM We gather for Bible class: Thursdays @ 7:00pm

Feast Days to be announced HERE! Please join us: HOI Prayer/Teaching/Worship Center Address: 1334 Hill RD. Charlotte, North Carolina, 28210.