Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

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The subject of marriage is most likely discussed in every culture, tribe, people and nation by every human being on earth. Marriage was ordained in Genesis as the first act between the man and woman YeHoVaH made.

Societal views of marriage has changed drastically the covenant of marriage from what YeHoVaH intended and has been reduced by society to a contract between two people. As saints or set apart ones our view of marriage should align with YeHoVaH’s views in order for our marriages to be honored, protected and blessed by YeHoVaH.


Divorce has had a profound impact on every strata of society even among the saints of the Most High. Divorce statistics worldwide are staggering and the divorce rate among members of the body of Messiah is no exception.


Among those who have been divorced, many who look to the scriptures as the guide to life wrestle with the subject of remarriage from the context of scripture. In this teaching series, we will examine YeHoVaH’s views on Marriage, divorce and remarriage.


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1. But what does YeHoVaH say about marriage?

2. How does He define marriage Biblically?

3. What does the Bible teach about marriage?

4. What role do a man and woman have in a marriage?

5. If your marriage is in trouble, what can you and your spouse do to fix it?

6. What should individuals do prior to prior to getting married to ensure a healthy marriage?